Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

PG-13 7.1
2014 1 hr 25 min Animation , Action , Science Fiction

The events of Battle of Gods take place some years after the battle with Majin Buu, which determined the fate of the entire universe. After awakening from a long slumber, Beerus, the God of Destruction is visited by Whis, his attendant and learns that the galactic overlord Frieza has been defeated by a Super Saiyan from the North Quadrant of the universe named Goku, who is also a former student of the North Kai. Ecstatic over the new challenge, Goku ignores King Kai's advice and battles Beerus, but he is easily overwhelmed and defeated. Beerus leaves, but his eerie remark of "Is there nobody on Earth more worthy to destroy?" lingers on. Now it is up to the heroes to stop the God of Destruction before all is lost.

  • Cast:
    Masako Nozawa , Koichi Yamadera , Masakazu Morita , Ryou Horikawa , Hiromi Tsuru , Joji Yanami , Toshio Furukawa

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Simply Perfect

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Excellent but underrated film

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Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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Kaelan Mccaffrey

Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.

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This movie is what would become the first 14 episodes of Dragon Ball Super. The movie format is far more enjoyable than the long and slightly boring 14 episodes, so watch the movie and jump straight to episode 15 instead. But be aware that you will only really enjoy the movie if you had seen the whole series or read the manga. For a newcomer the movie will not really make any sense because it's filled with details and characters known by the fans. I didn't expect this movie to be better than the others, but I was wrong, it's the best one by far.

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OneEightNine Media

I'm not sure why I waited this long to finally watch this. Maybe because deep down inside I knew DBZ was dead and everything thing after The Cell saga is just filler. Or if you are a true DBZ purist, everything after the Frezia saga is just filler. Whatever, this is just another Dragonball Z movie. It isn't anything special, like most DBZ films. The fighting is whatever. The story is lame. But what really gets my goat is how Goku literally holds hands with a few other guys in order to get to the next level. No training, no nearly dying. Just holding hands. In top of that, Goku saying, "I give up." Just what the heck? I don't know what I just watched but it isn't DBZ. So yeah, this movie literally confirms the fact that Dragonball Z has officially become nothing but a soulless cash grab.

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When I first heard of Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods, it was like a dream come true. As a Dragon Ball Z fan, I'd love to see a new movie. The first time I heard the title "Battle Of Gods", I was expecting Goku to fight literal Gods. Then when I saw the movie, Goku only fought one god so... It wasn't what I expected. But I still loved the movie. As for the story, it was practically okay. They kinda overdid the 3D battle scenes which makes the 2D version of the movie a little ugly. Bills' (or Beerus) character is very underdeveloped which is a let down. But all in all It's a lovable Dragon Ball movie. I'm still waiting for Resurrection Of F and I'll immediately do a review of that. In conclusion, Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods is practically a good movie. It has small problems but I'll let it slide for now.

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I'm quite honestly surprised by all the positive reviews this is getting. This movie was extremely disappointing to me. Let's cover all of the failings of this movie. Presented in the order I think of them:1. Was Kaio-sama's (Japanese) voice actor stoned during recording? He was not able to convey even the slightest bit of fear or panic.2. What was even the point of Pilaf and co in the movie? They did not affect the plot one tiny bit, and yet we spend an almost unbearably unfunny 10 minutes with them in an 85 minute movie.3. I dunno who killed the real Vegeta before this movie started and replaced him with this singing, dancing, acting-loving-toward-Bulma clown, but he's the true villain of the movie.4. Speaking of villains, Beerus was just lame. Stop me if you've heard this before. A mystical villain who is awoken from a long slumber, doesn't play by the same rule set as the main cast, who is all-powerful, but childish and capricious, doesn't think much of wiping out the entire planet, but is convinced not to and is only appeased by yummy foods or the chance to fight a strong opponent. MAJIN BUU MUCH?5. The ever-increasing uselessness of non-Goku characters is a well known meme in this show, but seriously, they cranked it up to 11 this time.6. I've never seen a group of people less concerned about their planet being blown up in my life. If they can't muster up the effort to care that the entire human race is about to be wiped out, why should I? 7. I'll admit, I'm a huge Gohan/Videl fan. The announcement of Videl's pregnancy was one of the parts of the movie I was looking forward to. The scene was nice, but Gohan's reaction struck me as weird. It left me wanting more.8. How did Shenlong know about the Super Saiyan God? He was created by Kami, and recreated by Dende. Neither of whom knew anything about the Super Saiyan God. Shenlong's power (and by extension, his knowledge) can not exceed that of his creator. Further, how would he have learned of something that happened on the other side of the galaxy millenia before he was created? 9. Goku was pretty out of character for his fight with Beerus. First of all, he showed absolutely no concern for fighting a GOD OF DESTRUCTION in the middle of a DENSELY POPULATED CITY.Then we find his only motivation for fighting was that he wanted to be stronger than Beerus. The fact that Beerus wants to kill the entire planet, including Goku's whole family, only occurs to him in a throwaway scene while pushing against the giant fireball.Finally, Goku gives up. The entire story of Dragon Ball is about Goku persevering through struggle, breaking all barriers and overcoming all challenges to protect those he cares about. And he just gives up? Seriously? There are more, but I think this hits the highlights.

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